haltung dossier büro

  BURO KIEFER was founded as a Landscape Architecture Studio in Berlin at the end of the eighties by Landscape Architect Gabriele G. Kiefer and nowerdays works with a staff of about 15 persons.
The main goal of our work consists in landscape architectural projects of a broad variety in themes and dimensions. Public plazas and parks, outside spaces of residential and office housing, schools, day care centres and roof gardens. In the last years amongst a sery of projects for former military and industrial areas, public urban parks have been the main topic of our interest and work.
The studios design philosophy is based on open space being one of the last categories to achieve a "contrasting world" in our time of globalization, speed and worldwide information. Resulting from this approach our design strongly deals with clearness, reduction and a transformed relation to the existing surrounding of the site. Perceptible space itself becomes the main characteristic.